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Our Mission

We strive to create a quality academic environment that provides students the tools, knowledge, and skills needed to obtain a state license and prepare for an exciting career in the beauty and wellness industry.

Why Savvy Beauty Academy?



All our instructors are working professionals with years of hands on experience. They are going to provide you with technical training, relevant practice as well as career resources to meet your educational and professional goals. Savvy Academy team is focused on our students' success and helping them with starting their career while studying.



We developed and maintained an effective ethical program of resource development that supports the mission of Savvy Beauty Academy.



Our goal is to get you where you want to be without hurting your pocket. We are offering affordable pricing, smaller size classes with individual approach for each student and flexible study schedule.



We are here to have fun along the way. With access to our campus' equipment and salon setting students have opportunity to practice skills on each other and have fun time learning. Our main goal is to give you the tools and knowledge you need to let you express yourself as a creative individual. 



Savvy Beauty Academy is one of the newest beauty academies in LA. We are proud to teach students modern techniques and approaches while using contemporary equipment. Our teachers are working professionals that stay on top of the beauty trends. Savvy Beaty is partnering with leading skin, hair and nail care brands to deliver the best industry experience to our students. 

Our Objectives

  • Commitment to Our Students.

  • Create a learning-focused environment.

  • Offer a curriculum that stimulates an interest in learning.

  • Provide practical hands-on experience to the student clinic.

  • Prepare and assist students in obtaining their licenses.

  • Provide students with job placement assistance.

  • Actively participate in activities and events that support global needs thereby supporting the local communities in which we operate.

  • Inspire the beauty and wellness industry through our commitment to innovation and excellence.

Beautiful, & Savvy.

About Us

Savvy Beauty Academy is located at 240 S Market Street, Inglewood, California 90301. Our campus is comprised of a 20+ year historic facility devoted to teaching the science and art of the beauty and wellness industry. We're equipped with professional equipment used in top salons and spas around the country. We carefully designed and furnished our campus to simulate a salon atmosphere providing our students with the best training environment possible.

Our training facility includes several classrooms and practical training areas. Students have access to the internet, e-books on beauty, reference books on topics related to the cosmetology industry as well as current magazines and other reference materials are available. Students may access this material by speaking to a faculty member and/or Student Services. All instructors hired by SBA are qualified to teach all courses for the program in which they are hired to teach.

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